Reading Lamps are still here and we love them at Love4Lighting! Despite modern technology and a world full of iPads, kindles and other innovative gizmos, there is still nothing better than enjoying a read with a good old-fashioned newspaper or book, sitting on your favourite couch or armchair, glass of wine or cup of tea to hand with a reading lamp lighting the way.


Reading lamps not only provide a reliable lighting source when you are catching up on the news or enjoying a few chapters, they can also be used to create a nice lighting effect in your bedroom, living room or conservatory and are great for low-lighting when watching a movie or simply relaxing with friends and family.


Here at Love4Lighting, we have a great selection of floor standing reading lamps that can be positioned next to chairs and sofas without taking up too much space or being too overbearing. Most modern reading lamps have ‘arms’ that can be bent and manoeuvred into position to help create just the right light for you to enjoy reading in comfort without straining your eyes. Most floor reading lamps tend to be dimmable too, so you can adjust the brightness of the reading light to suit your eyes and work in harmony with the light that is already in the room. 

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