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Suited for coastal weather

Particularly harsh outdoor environments make extra demands of outdoor lighting, as high levels of water, sand and salt are wearing on materials and accelerate corrosion. Our special “Designed For Seaside” products are constructed in extra-resistant materials such as copper, brass, corten and galvanised steel, which are particularly suitable for areas close to the coast with severe weather. 

Coastal areas are generally defined as those within a radius of 10 km of the coast – in certain cases, however, it can be up to 25 km due to wind conditions.

You will also find galvanised steel in the series of durable materials, which is a speciality of Nordlux’s and one of our most preferred materials for outdoor products. Therefore, our range of outdoor lamps is broadest in this area. We appreciate the beautiful appearance the product takes on and the material’s great potential, which allows us to offer better and more durable lamps to as many people as possible - in coastal areas and in cities. The quality of the galvanising is a great priority at Nordlux and therefore it is worth knowing what is means, when a lamp is galvanised.

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