Fire Hoods might be necessary if you are installing downlights into your ceiling. The ceiling is a part of the fire protection in a house, so when you cut through it to make a hole for the downlights, it’s important to consider whether fire-rated downlights are needed. If the room above where you are fitting the downlights is a bedroom, for example, then fire-rated downlights will be needed. If there is insulation in the space above the ceiling, you will need to protect the downlight from this, otherwise the insulation might overheat and cause a fire.

Many fire-rated downlights include this protection but if you are not required to fit a fire-rated downlight, and there is insulation, then a separate fire hood may be required for each light. We have a number of top quality downlight fire hoods available here at Love4Lighting. Please get in touch if you have further questions on this important topic.


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