Coffee Shop Lighting Ideas

If you own or run a coffee shop then it is important to get the lighting right to create the desired mood and ambience that you want to associate with your shop and/or brand. So read on for some Love4Lighting expert tips on coffee shop lighting ideas…

The coffee shop culture is evident in most towns and cities across the world. It is a timeless feature of society that has been around for hundreds of years and will be around for hundreds more. If you want people to keep coming back to your coffee shop and build a strong reputation in town, then it is important to get the look and feel (as well as the coffee!) spot on. Dark and moody might work in some situations but we believe that interesting lighting of differing styles will help create a much more welcoming atmosphere when considering ideas for coffee shop lighting.

One of the most popular styles of light used in a coffee shop is the trusty pendant light. These lights hang down from the ceiling and can either be used over individual coffee tables to create direct light or they can be hung over counters or at entrances to provide a wider scope of light. Pendant lights can create a warm, cosy ambience and the options available at Love4Lighting can cater for both modern and traditional interiors. These pendant lights are available in a whole host of sizes and finishes and come in range of price brackets to cater for all budgets.

Up down wall lights are worth looking at when contemplating your coffee shop lighting ideas. Again, this style of light can be used to enhance the atmosphere of your coffee shop by casting eye catching visual effects across walls. They are ideally suited to coffee shops going for that calm, soft atmosphere and are available in a choice of styles, shapes and finishes. Wall lights with shades are also a popular option for coffee shops and look great fitted on walls behind or next to coffee tables and counters.

If you have a serving area or kitchen space with an overhanging ceiling, then flush ceiling lights are definitely worth considering as you peruse your coffee shop lighting ideas. This area needs the brightest light as it’s the place where you prep your coffee and cakes. It most coffee shops it is also quite a small, busy area, so you don’t want lights hanging down and getting in the way. Which is why flush fitting ceiling lights fitted at intervals across this ceiling space are just the ticket!

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