Office Lighting Ideas

Whether you work in a commercial office or home office you will know that lighting plays an important part in creating a pleasant working environment. It is important to get your light fixtures spot on, so we’d like to share some office lighting ideas with you.

You don’t want your office lighting to be too bright as this will create an intense atmosphere that could lead to headaches and sore eyes, especially if your job involves staring at a computer monitor for much of the day. And if the lighting is too dark, you risk create a dull, uninspiring ambience. So it is important to get the balance just right when considering office lighting ideas.

Home offices tend to consist of a small study or spare bedroom. So in this kind of situation it is best to think simple when working out your office lighting ideas. A simple ceiling light in the centre of the room works a treat. This could be in the form of a pendant light or a flush fitting ceiling light and should be enough to illuminate the office nicely. For your desk, you might want an attractive desk lamp, especially for those shorter winter days that will soon be upon us. Here at Love4Lighting we have a fantastic range of desk lamps designed in a variety or styles. And with prices starting from as little as £12, we can cater for all budgets!

If you have a large home office, then you probably have the space for that extra bit of office lighting. A floor lamp sitting in the corner of the room will create a warm, productive atmosphere. There are some fantastic floor lamps available at Love4Lighting – contemporary, traditional, art deco, abstract – so you can find just the right look that will compliment the interior of your home office. These floor lamps will give you some great inspiration for your office lighting ideas!

So on to commercial offices – open plan commercial offices allow the flexibility to get creative with your office lighting ideas. Virtually any style of interior lighting can be used here to create a vibrant working atmosphere and a place that office workers are happy and relaxed to be in. Whether it’s modern wall lights, adjustable spotlights, LED wall lights, strip lighting or ceiling fan lights, here you can find everything you need to fully fit out your commercial office and create some stunning visual effects!

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