Lighting for Hotel Rooms

If you run a hotel and want to create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere for your guests then, you can go along way to achieving this by getting some quality lighting for hotel rooms installed. There are many options to choose from when it comes to hotel room lighting and we will cover them all here.

The three most common light fittings that you will find in hotel rooms are wall lights, ceiling lights and table lamps. The style and size of the hotel room will have a part to play in the light fittings that you choose and it is also important to make sure the finish of your lights match the finish of other elements in the room, such as appliances, door handles and furniture handles, so you achieve a consistent design theme throughout the room.

If you have a traditional or classically styled hotel room then they are some really classy options here at Love4Lighting when considering your lighting for hotel rooms. The traditionally styled pendant lights work really well in medium to large sized hotel rooms. They help to create a warm ambience in rooms and many of them are highly decorative, so will add to the overall design of the room too. Pendant lights are perhaps best suited to hotel suites, where they look great fitted over living areas and in hotel room entrances.

Chandeliers look fantastic in hotel rooms with high ceilings and elegant, fashionable interiors. This classic light fitting will have a wonderful impact on guests as they enter a hotel room by adding a bit of the ‘wow’ factor.
If your hotel has a contemporary design then you want to go for more minimalist light fittings that will compliment the cleans lines and angled features of the room. Flush fitting ceiling lights and cutting edge wall lights work brilliantly as lighting for hotel rooms. They create a fresh, stylish feel and a very nice environment for your guests to relax and unwind in.

The other style of lighting to consider when looking at lighting for hotel rooms, is the bathroom lighting. Here at Love4Lighting we have an extensive range of bathroom ceiling and wall lights, all beautifully finished and certified for bathroom use. We also have a superb collection of bathroom mirror lights that are great for providing bright light for your guests when getting ready in the morning or preparing for bed.

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