Ambient Lighting Ideas

If you are looking to create some cool, creative lighting effects in your home or commercial space then here are a few pointers for your ambient lighting ideas. Ambient lighting works best in rooms where you are looking for a soft, soothing mood, so the bathroom, bedroom and social areas are your best bet. Or if you run a commercial enterprise such as a bar, restaurant, nightclub or hotel, then ambient lighting is a great way of creating an atmosphere that your punters can enjoy and relax in.

There are a number of light fixtures to consider when looking at ambient lighting ideas. You can use wall lights, ceiling lights, floor lights, table lamps, fairy lights and LED lights. When used in the right way, these light fittings can create that magical ambience you are looking for. And you also have to get creative with where you fit your lights in order to achieve the desired mood. Do you want the light to illuminate a section of a room or a piece of art on a wall? Do you require soft lighting in one corner of a room or across an empty wall space?

One of the most popular ways to create ambient lighting is to use LED Strip Lighting. This style of lighting is a popular choice for ambient lighting ideas. It is usually discreetly fitted under or around cabinets, plinths or furnishings and casts a soft, ambient light that results in a nice mellow mood. This style of strip lighting is also very popular in commercial settings such as bars and nightclubs, where it looks great fitted under bar tops or across the bottom of cabinets.

For the ultimate calm in ambient lighting you could try the Astro Lighting Borgo White Plastered in Wall Light. This stylish light fitted is recessed back from walls and creates a very cool visual effect on walls in modern homes, apartments and commercial spaces. It is ideal for minimalist interiors as no fittings or fixings are visible.

There are plenty of other lights available at Love4Lighting that work really well when looking at ambient lighting ideas. The Franklite Kendo Moden Wall Light has an eye-catching, dynamic design that casts ambient visual effects across walls and ceilings. The Artemide Cadmo Parete Red and White Wall Light is a super stylish light fitting that has been designed with modern living firmly in mind. It is great to look at and casts quality ambient illuminations in living spaces, entrance halls and hallways. And for the ultimate in ambient lamps, try the beautiful Artemide Dioscuri Tavolo Light, which has a ball design and looks stunning when fitted at intervals around a large room or living space.

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