Art Studio Lighting Fixtures

If you are an artist or gallery owner then you will understand the importance of art studio lighting fixtures. You need to be able to showcase your work on walls as well as create direct light across the canvas you are working on. And, of course, you can also use lighting to create a nice working environment, where you can be at your most productive!

Certainly, natural light is the best light for an artist to work in but if you are working in the winter then this might not be possible. So let Love4lighting give you a helping hand with your art studio lighting fixtures.

For showcasing your artwork on walls, then the obvious art studio lighting fixture to go for is the picture light. This type of light fitting is very simple and clean looking – after all it is not supposed to be taking any attention away from the artwork hanging below it! There are a whole host of fantastic pictures lights to peruse here at Love4Lighting. There are modern and traditional designs to suit any interior and some of the finishes work brilliantly in rustic, shabby chic art studios, especially bronze and antique brass finishes.

When it comes to the artistic process, quality lamps are essential to create a focused, bright light in which you can create your masterpieces. These lights need to be adjustable so you can direct light beams onto certain parts of the canvas if necessary. So the best lamps to go for are ones with long necks and ‘joints’ that can easily be adjusted and redirected. There are some cracking lights available at Love4Lighting that fulfil this criteria, especially some of the fittings from lighting innovators, Artemide.

Other lamps to consider for art studio lighting fixtures are mother and child lamps. These practical lamps serve two purposes. You can use the mother light to illuminate a room brightly and the child light can be twisted into position to create a more direct light. A single mother and child light in a small artists studio could quite easily provide all the light you need!

To create a nice working atmosphere with your art studio lighting fixtures, there are plenty of contemporary, innovative light fittings available out there. Lighting can be used to great effect to determine the mood and feel of a room and encourage productivity and creative output. You will find plenty of inspiration in both our ceiling lights and wall lights categories. Happy shopping!

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