Lights for Reading

If you are a keen reader of books, magazines or newspapers then you’ll certainly need some good lighting to enjoy this popular pastime, especially with the winter drawing near and the clocks soon changing. Lights for reading are essential for ensuring books are well lit and they also help to create a warm, cosy reading environment when you are curled up on the couch or tucked up in bed.

There are all sorts of reading lights available at Love4Lighting that provide a quality source of light for you to get lost in a novel. These reading lights are great for the living room and the bedroom, the two most popular places for reading, and they are available in a variety of styles to suit both modern and traditionally styled interiors.

Reading lamps come in three styles – floor lamps, mother and child lamps and bedside table lamps. All of these lights are easy to install and are very portable. There is something for all budgets here and these lights for reading are available in a whole host of superb finishes.

Floor lamps are popular in living rooms and look great placed behind sofas and armchairs. The majority of the reading floor lamps available here are adjustable so you can twist and turn them into place to ensure you have the maximum light possible for reading. Mother and child lamps are similar in design to standard floor lamps but have two lamps instead of one. The mother lamp provides bright light that can light a whole room, while the child lamp provides a more direct light for reading. These are very popular lights for reading due to the versatility they provide.

Bedside table lamps are perhaps the most common lights for reading, mainly because people like to read in bed before they go to sleep. We have a huge collection of bedside table lamps on show here at Love4Lighting that provide high quality light for reading. There are traditional looking bedside table lamps for classically styled interiors and a dynamic range for contemporary bedrooms.

If you run a hotel or bed and breakfast then wall lights fitted behind the bed are often used as lights for reading. The trend is to have one on either side of a double bed and you will find some great options here.

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