Lights for Traditional Bathrooms

The bathroom is one place where it’s really important to get the lighting spot on. It is a private room where you get yourself ready for the day and ready for bed, so it needs to be well lit. If you live in or own a classically styled building then here are some lighting ideas for traditional bathrooms.

A bathroom is usually lit by three styles of light – the ceiling light, the wall light and mirror lights. The main light source comes from a bright ceiling light and there are some great options here at Love4Lighting that work well as lighting for traditional bathrooms. The Searchlight Windsor Antique Brass Flush Ceiling Light is a fine example of a quality bathroom light with a traditional design and finish. It has a clean, simple appearance with some subtle, ornate design features thrown in. The antique brass finish gives the light a really stylish look. Another popular piece of lighting for traditional bathrooms is the Searchlight Flush Antique Brass Ceiling Light with Glass Diffuser. Again this light has a traditional style to suit classically designed bathrooms. It has been designed with great attention to detail and has appealing curves and intricate detail.

Wall lights are a great way of creating a softer light in bathrooms. If you want to take a relaxing bath, then a mellow, moody wall light will help generate a warm, ambient atmosphere. There are some high quality bathroom wall lights available at Love4Lighting, especially the highly decorative range from Elstead, which will add a genuine touch of class and finesse to traditionally styled bathrooms.

And finally, mirror lights. If you want bright light for applying make up, grooming, brushing your teeth, combing your hair, then mirror lights are just the ticket. They are usually simple in design and fitted above mirrors. Take a peek at some of the quality mirror lights at Love4Lighting.

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