Lighting for Modern Bathrooms

If you have a large, contemporary bathroom that is stylishly designed and beautifully finished, then it is important that you illuminate it with some quality lighting for modern bathrooms. If you require lighting for a domestic bathroom or a bathroom in a modern commercial building, then there are some fantastic lights to peruse here.

The most obvious way to light a bathroom is with a bright ceiling light in the centre of the room. But if you want to get more creative with your lighting for modern bathrooms, then we recommend trying some wall lights and mirror lights, and, if you want to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in your bathroom, some ambient bathroom lights work wonders too!

Our bathroom wall lights section features a large range of stylish, modern lights that are superbly designed and finished with great quality. These lights have been designed and developed by some of the best brands in the business, including Astro Lighting, Searchlight, Intalite and Franklite and there is something here for every budget.

For an affordable wall light, the Intalite Row 1 Silvergrey Downlight is a superb option. Suitable for fitting on sloping walls, straight walls and on overhanging ceiling sections, this light has a clean, flush fitting that creates a lovely atmosphere in bathrooms. The light is usually bulk purchased and fitted in grids or lines across walls.

To create a bit of ambience and character in your bathroom, the Astro Lighting Cabaret Bathroom Wall Light is wonderful. This style of light oozes charm and creates cool visual effects in bathrooms. It can be fitted on walls or over mirrors if you want to get that full cabaret effect!.

To create a soft, ambient feel in your bathroom then the Searchlight Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Light is just the ticket. The light has a contemporary appearance and is ideal for creating mood lighting as well as providing a decent light source for applying make up, grooming and other activities you might perform in front of the bathroom mirror.

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