Lighting Ideas for Cottages

If you live in a nice cosy cottage then you will need some nice cosy lighting to maximise the cottage living experience! Here at Love4Lighting we have a lovely range of light fittings that will give you some great lighting ideas for cottages and help turn your home into an even more idyllic and comfortable place to be.

So let’s start from the outside going in. If you want to illuminate the pathway or driveway up to your cottage then we highly recommend the Elstead Lighting Lighthouse Wooden Bollard Light. This outdoor light is full of character and it’s wooden finish is in keeping with the traditional look of a cottage. This bollard light can be installed at intervals along pathways and driveways to create a stunning entrance to your home.

Next you might want to look at a porch light as they offer great lighting ideas for cottages. There are some lovely traditional porch lights here at Love4Lighting from top brands Searchlight and Elstead Lighting. These lights are based on timeless designs of centuries past and will add a lovely, authentic touch to your porch and make visitors to your home feel welcome.

Once inside the cottage you can use ceiling lights and wall lights to beautifully illuminate your interior and showcase all its wooden beams and rustic features. Ceiling Lanterns look great in cottages and have superb decorative qualities.

And the antique brass finish of the Searchlight Domed Lanterns work perfectly in cottages. For wall lights, we suggest browsing our traditional wall lights section for some lighting ideas for your cottage. There are over 100 light fittings to look at here in a range of styles and at prices to suit all budgets. The black and antique finishes work best in cottages and the candelabra design is a must for your cottage walls.

In the living room and dining room of your cottage, floor lamps work beautifully at creating cosy, calm lighting effects. Especially when installed in the corner of rooms. Browse your range of floor lamps here and get some inspirational lighting ideas for your cottage

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