Lighting for Open Plan Living

If you live in an open plan apartment or your home has open plan spaces where you socialize and relax then you can get really creative with your lighting for open plan living. You can create any mood you desire using the lights available at Love4Lighting – bright, mellow, ambient – and turn your open plan living space into a very stylish and comfortable place to be.

You can try all sorts of fitting for your lighting for open plan living and there is a huge choice available here. The most popular lights for open plan living are up and down wall lights, modern wall lights, floor lamps, table lamps and ceiling pendant lights. There are some wonderful creations to enjoy from some of the very best brands in the business, including Artemide Lighting, Searchlight and Astro Lighting.

Modern wall lights are great for open plan living as they can be fitted anywhere on walls in any amount of numbers to create all kinds of different lighting effects. This style of light is usually flush fitting and round or square in design. There is nothing extravagant about their design but they do create stunning visual effects. If you fit them in a line, low on walls then they work brilliantly as mellow, mood lighting and create a warm, cosy atmosphere in your open plan space. If you fit a series of them in a grid system across large walls, then you can create eye catching illuminations and a brighter overall look. Or you can fit them into steps if you have different levels in your open plan space.

Up and down wall lights are worth a look when considering your lighting for open plan living. They are great for creating a soft, ambient mood and are perfect whether you are relaxing or entertaining. We have a lovely collection of up down wall lights available at Love4Lighting, to suit all budgets and interior styles.

Floor lamps and table lamps are great for your lighting for open plan living. There are some really decorative eye catching lamps to peruse – they are perfect for contemporary living and will add a lovely finishing touch to open plan spaces. These floor lamps create a lovely environment in your home and many of them also double up as reading lights if place them behind sofas and armchairs.

We hope that gives you some inspiration for your lighting for open plan living and remember that you can find some great special offers across all our lighting departments!

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