Decking Lighting Ideas

If you have a nice decking area in your garden then let us inspire you with some decking lighting ideas. The summer has been one to remember for once, so you have no doubt spent plenty of time sitting on your decking, enjoying barbecues, garden parties and al fresco dinners.

Whatever the size of your decking, whether it’s a small area at the back of your garden with a sun lounger where you unwind and relax or a large area where you cook and entertain, getting the lighting right will add a fantastic look to your garden in the evening. Here at Love4Lighting we have some fantastic decking lighting ideas that will add a lovely finishing touch to this very popular garden feature.

Decking lights are usually fitted at intervals across decking in a grid style pattern. This will create even lighting across your decking. The lights are usually round, square or oblong in shape and are flush fitted into decks so you don’t trip over them and so they remain unobtrusive when not in use during the day.

There are some great energy saving options for decking lighting ideas. For example, the Solar Stainless Steel Decking Light, will charge throughout the day and provide quality lighting at night. They are simple to install and once in place, you can just leave them to work their magic! No turning on or off, no wiring – this is garden lighting at it’s most efficient.

LED deck lights are also a great option – they provide lighting that is reliable, energy efficient and they will last a very long time. LED deck lights are very hardwearing too. You can use them throughout the year – in the winter when you are not in the garden so much you can still illuminate your garden’s design beautifully and enjoy it from the warmth of your living room or conservatory.

So whether you have a recently renovated garden with a pristine new design or an older garden that could do with a bit of a lighting lift – take a peek at some of the wonderful decking lighting ideas at Love4Lighting.

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