Lighting Ideas for Conference Rooms

Conference rooms need to be well lit for obvious reasons, so if you run your own business or manage an office block, here are some lighting ideas for conference rooms.

Conference and meeting rooms need to be light, bright and fresh, to counteract the often serious nature of the activities that take place inside! There are plenty of options available when it comes to lighting ideas for conference rooms and each one will help create a pleasant, productive atmosphere inside. Whether your conference room is in a traditional or a contemporary styled building, you can find some very stylish, highly efficient light fittings that are available in a range of quality finishes and at prices to suit all budgets.

The most popular fittings to consider when looking at lighting ideas for conference rooms are, of course, ceiling lights. You want to create a bright even light over the central table and there are some great ways of doing this using the lights available at Love4Lighting. If you have a modern conference room then clean, simple ceiling downlights work brilliantly in this situation. You can control the brightness simply by the number of downlights you fit. Downlights are usually fitted in lines down either side of a conference room table and the amount of brightness you want depends on how many downlights you put in these lines. This popular, modern light fitting is ideal for clean, contemporary and minimalist rooms and come in a range of modern finishes.

If you have a cool, stylish conference room in a loft or warehouse style building, then there are some fantastic options to enjoy when considering your lighting ideas for conference rooms. The Intalite Pirius Chrome Pendulum Pendant with Canopy is a super-cool pendant light that fits brilliantly into trendy and rustic style meeting and conference rooms. It looks great over round tables or fitted at intervals over large, rectangular meeting tables and has a robust chrome finish and stylish red cord.

Spotlights and track lighting also look great in conference rooms and these can be adjusted to point the beams where desired – great if you wish to put the spotlight on someone during a presentation or illuminate a white board. Finally, to create a nice ambience in meeting rooms, wall uplighters cast warm and welcoming illuminations on walls and floor lamps look great fitted in the corner and add a nice decorative element too.

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