Conservatory Lighting Ideas

Even though the winter is drawing near, you can still enjoy your conservatory, though with the doors closed and the heating cranked up! Conservatories are fantastic additions to homes and commercial buildings because they can be enjoyed year round – in the summer they are great when opened up on a warm sunny day and in the winter they are a great place to relax and cosy up with a good book or a nice glass of wine, as well as to socialise with friends and family. This year-round ‘room’ needs quality lighting – so here are some conservatory lighting ideas.

There are many options for ceiling lights when it comes to conservatory lighting ideas. You can use flush ceiling lights, pendant lights and if you’re feeling extravagant, modern style chandeliers look great in large conservatories! Flush ceiling lights look great fitted into the beams that go across the ceilings of conservatories. A popular trend is to fit these lights at intervals along the beams to create a balanced lighting source. If you have flush ceiling light fittings elsewhere in your home, then this style of lighting works superbly in conservatories to create a consistent theme throughout your interior.

Pendant lights look great hanging from the centre of your conservatory. This style of light fitting is ideal for high ceilinged conservatories and will create a more mellow mood than flush ceiling lights. The pendants available at Love4Lighting come in a range of styles and finishes to suit all kinds of interior and they cater for all budgets too. Pendant lights are definitely worth considering for your conservatory lighting ideas, especially if you use your conservatory for dining and entertaining.

If you want to try something a little different, then modern chandeliers can add a beautiful finishing touch to a conservatory. We have some eye catching, highly decorative chandeliers available here that work beautifully in conservatories, especially those with hexagonal or octagonal shaped ceilings. If you want to add a little touch of class and sophistication when considering your conservatory lighting ideas, then chandeliers are the way to go. And you’ll be surprised at how affordable some of these fabulous light fittings are!

To finish off your conservatory lighting, you might like to consider some wall lights, floor lamps and table lamps to create a nice mood inside. We have an extensive range of all these styles and they are available in modern and traditional styles

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