Lighting Ideas for Foyers

If you have a large foyer in your home or commercial building then you have a great opportunity to create some stunning visual effects with your lighting. First impressions are very important and if you find some fantastic lighting ideas for foyers then you will impress each and every person who enters the building. Foyers are a great place to set the tone and mood of a building so let us help you get that lighting just right!

Commercial buildings such as office blocks, hotels, museums and conference centres present a great opportunity to create some spectacular visual effects when looking at lighting ideas for foyers. The high ceilings and the open spaces of foyers provide the opportunity to install some stunning light fittings that are highly decorative, while creating eye catching visual effects at the same time.

Chandeliers work brilliantly in foyers and make a real statement at the entrance to buildings. This historical, spectacular light fitting is as popular now as it was centuries ago, perhaps even more so, and is available in a range of traditional and modern styles to suit a whole host of applications. Here at love4lights we have a wonderful collection of chandeliers available that includes Modern Chandeliers, French Chandeliers, Crystal Chandeliers and Large Chandeliers. Some of the modern chandeliers on show here really take the breath away and the traditional looking crystal chandeliers will add a little glitz and glamour to any interior – they are incredibly ornate and elegant. And don’t be put off by the word ‘Chandelier’ – there are options here to cater for all budgets so you don’t have to break the bank to get a chandelier installed in your commercial foyer!

If you have a home with a large entrance foyer then you can go for chandeliers as well if you so desire. However, another popular fitting when considering lighting ideas for foyers, especially in modern, contemporary homes, is a large pendant light. Or perhaps a series of pendant lights. This popular light fitting hangs down from ceilings on a cord and can create both bright and soft lighting, depending on the style of pendant you go for. There are some wonderful creations here at Love4lighting that will add a stunning finishing touch to your foyer. Top quality brands such as Searchlight, Franklite and Intalite have a superb range of pendant lights on show here, across a range of budgets to suit all scales of project.

We hope that gives you good start with your lighting ideas for foyers. Have a browse round the site and, as always, we are available to answer any queries any time!

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