Lighting Ideas for a Garage

These days the garage is often seen as an extra room in the home. There are some fantastic garage designs out there that are used for all kinds of purpose. No longer is the humble garage the place to bung a car at night! So with this in mind, we thought we’d give you a few lighting ideas for a garage so you can create a nice atmosphere inside for whatever you need to do.

Garages are versatile spaces in your home – they can be used to store your lawnmower and garden tools, they can act as utility rooms holding fridges and freezers, they act as mini laundrettes and if you are a keen hobbyist, the garage is a great place to hide away and enjoy your favourite pastimes. So getting the lighting right is important. Bright, even lighting is the order of the day for garages but you certainly don’t need to spend a fortune and install lots of decorative light fittings. Garages lighting just needs to be simple, clean and functional – no chandeliers needed here!

Track lighting and spotlighting both work really well in garages due to the hardwearing nature and clean, dynamic designs of these light fittings, so they are well worth considering when looking at lighting ideas for a garage. If you have a large garage, then track or spotlighting can be fitted at intervals across the ceiling to create an even light distribution. And the other benefit of this style of light is that the heads can be adjusted to point where desired, enabling you to target specific areas of your garage with beams of light. The track lights and spotlights available at Love4Lighting come in a whole host of styles and finishes and cater for every budget. We strongly recommend going for a chrome finish which will cope easily with the cooler and perhaps damper conditions found in a garage without requiring that much maintenance.

If you like to get out into the garage to enjoy a hobby – wood work, model building, fixing and repairing engines – anything that requires a steady hand and good light source, then table lamps are ideal. The Searchlight Black Flex Clip Task Lamps are great for garages as they can be clamped onto desks and work benches to provide a direct light in which to work. They are adjustable and very portable, and in this case, very affordable too.

So there are a few pointers for lighting ideas for a garage. Of course, there are a whole host of other fittings available here at Love4Lighting that you can easily install in your garage, so have a nosey round the site for some inspiration!

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