Lights for Exposed Beams

If you are lucky enough to have exposed beams in your home or commercial property you can create some delightful lighting effects that utilise these beams perfectly. Lights for exposed beams can be used on both traditional wooden beams that you might find in cottages, manor houses and other rustic buildings, as well modern steel beams that are often exposed in contemporary homes, apartments and public buildings. There are plenty of options to consider when considering lights for exposed beams – the mood, the brightness – and you can certainly get really creative when developing your ideas!

In a modern setting, flush ceiling lights look great when fitted in a line along the bottom face of exposed beams. For rooms where you require bright light, such as kitchens and bedrooms, the number of lights you fit across the beams will determine the brightness. If you are looking for a more mellow style of lighting in social spaces such as living and dining rooms, then use less lights. You could even go for a smaller light such as downlights or display lights, to create beautiful soft lighting effects that are great for social occasions and chilling out.

Track spot lighting also look great fitting along exposed steel beams, especially in a commercial space such as an office block or shop. The beauty of spotlights is that they can easily be adjusted to direct the beams on a specific target and create interesting visual effects.

For traditional settings such as cottages, manor houses, country pads and listed buildings there are some delightful options available for lights for exposed beams. Ceiling lanterns are full of character and fit the rustic interior beautifully. This ornate light fitting is based on the timeless designs of centuries past and creates warm, welcoming visual effects in any traditional setting. If you want to blend a little bit of the old with the new, then the Astro Lighting Lenta Fixed Painted Silver Recessed Downlight could be tempting. A modern light fitting that is discreet once fitted, this light works brilliantly when installed into big wooden beams and creates the illusion of light emerging from the depths of the beam. You could create some stunning visual effects if you choose to go with a light such as this for your beams!

Other lights that work well on wooden beams in traditional interiors are tiffany lights and classically style pendant lights. There are plenty of wonderful fittings to peruse here at Love4Lighting and we always available for advice before you purchase, so get in touch any time!

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