Lights for Kitchen Units

There are some really great ways to illuminate your kitchen these days. You can create all sorts of mood inside this busy room – bright light for cooking, prepping and eating food, soft light for parties, dinners and socialising – and you can also illuminate certain parts of your kitchen to give it great visual impact. Wall units and base units are perfect for creating eye-catching illuminations in your kitchen so here are a few ideas for lights for kitchen units.

Most kitchens will have wall units and base units and these form the main structure of a kitchen, especially those in contemporary homes and apartments. Lights for kitchen units consist of under cabinet lights and downlights. Under cabinet lights are installed beneath wall units to shine down on work surfaces. They are great for providing a direct light source for when you are preparing food. They also look good when you are finished in the kitchen but would like to have a bit of mood lighting in the evening.

A very popular under cabinet light fitting is the Astro Lighting Bressa Interior Wall Light, which is fitted into the angle of the bottom of units and the wall. With its contemporary design and attractive finish, the light looks great under wall cabinets in stylish, modern kitchens. It is currently available at a special discounted price so grab it while you can!

Another great option when considering lights for kitchen units is the Intalite Furniture LED Round White Downlight, which is fitted directly into the base of wall units. It casts light onto kitchen walls and work surfaces below and can it can be fitted at intervals to create as little or as much light as you want. The light is ideal for clean, minimalist kitchen designs due to its flush fitting and its energy saving qualities means it will provide at least 15,000 hours of light!

Another light that works well as a light for a kitchen unit is the Intalite LED Aluminium Warm White Downlight. This is ideal if you have shelving in your kitchen wall units and would like to showcase crockery or ornaments – this light will add a real decorative element to your kitchen.

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