Lights for Teenager’s Bedrooms

Teenagers can are notoriously hard to please but we reckon you can make them smile with some of the superb lights for teenager’s bedrooms available here at Love4Lighting! We have picked out a few lights that we believe will work really well in a teenage bedroom and transform their room into a cool, ambient and relaxing place to be, where they can do their homework, enjoy their hobbies and relax with friends in a nice atmosphere.

You probably already have a decent ceiling light installed in the bedroom so let’s take a look at floor lamps and desk lamps and how well they can work as lights for teenagers bedrooms. Floor lamps can be used to great effect if you want to create a cool, ambient atmosphere. They look best when placed in the corner of rooms or next to beds and here at Love4Lighting we have a superb range of floor lamps that can be used as lights for teenagers bedrooms.

A great light to use in a teenager’s bedroom is the Astro Lighting Limina Plaster Finish Floor Lamp. This is a discreet light fitting but it does create very cool lighting effects on walls and ceilings. It is a small light that is placed on the floor to shine upwards. It is a great night light or chill out light and has the added benefit of being finished in plaster, so teenagers can paint it whatever colour they like!

The Searchlight Mother and Child Floor Lamp has a sleek, contemporary design that works really well as a light for a teenager’s bedroom. It serves two purposes – the main light casts a bright light throughout the room while the child light can be used to provide a direct light. It looks great positioned behind armchairs or next to desks to act as a reading light or hobby light. The light has a dynamic, trendy design that will appeal to the modern teenager!

Now on to homework! Teenagers need a good quality desk light so they can stuck into their homework in the evening and there are plenty of quality options available here at Love4Lighting. One of the most popular is the Astro Lighting Sotto Matt Nickel Desk Lamp. This light is super-cool and very stylish – teenagers will love it and it’s clean, minimalist design means that it will blend in with any interior style.

We hope that gives you a few pointers for lights for a teenager’s bedroom. There are plenty more floor lamps and desk lamps to look at on the site, so be sure to have a good look around!

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