Lighting Solutions for Loft Conversions

Loft conversions are a very popular way of adding extra space to your home and are often a great alternative to moving house if you require that extra bit of space. A loft is usually converted into a bedroom or home office and there are a number of ways you can illuminate this new room, so let us help you out with some lighting solutions for loft conversions.

If you have converted your loft then it is likely that you live in an older style property such as a Victorian townhouse or traditional country cottage. If this is the case, then your loft conversion is likely to have a sloping roofs and perhaps exposed wooden beams. If you have a sloping roof then traditional ceiling lights, such as pendant lights or lights with a shade, will not really work. It is also important to maximise the space in a loft conversion – you will have to bend down in certain areas of the room, so you don’t want pendant lights hanging in the way. The best lighting solutions for loft conversions are flush fitting ceiling lights. These unobtrusive light fittings look great fitted at intervals across the sloping ceiling of a loft conversion and create bright, welcome light at the highest point in your home!

If you have exposed wooden beams then you could also install flush fitting ceiling lights across the face of these beams to add an interesting element to your lighting solutions for loft conversions.

Wall lights are also popular as a lighting solution for loft conversions. If you have limited space on your ceiling due to beams and sloping roofs, then wall lights are a good option to go for. Whatever the style of your interior, there are plenty of superb traditional and contemporary wall lights available at Love4Lighting. Again, the more streamlined and minimalist the appearance the better when considering lighting solutions for loft conversions. We have a great deal of choice available at Love4Lighting to cater for all budgets.

If you have a modern conversion then they are plenty of modern ceiling lights and spotlights that work great as lighting solutions for loft conversions. We have some lighting options available from such reputed brands as Searchlight, Artemide Lighting and Astro Lighting.

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