Vaulted Ceiling Lighting Options

A vaulted ceiling is a ceiling that slopes up to a peak and is usually found in large homes and commercial buildings. This style of ceiling is especially popular in entrance foyers, large open living spaces and dining rooms. Vaulted ceilings can be shaped as an arch or slope and they are designed in such a way as to give the room a more airy and open feeling. Vaulted ceilings are dramatic and add real beauty to any interior, so what to do for vaulted ceiling lighting options? Well, let us give you a few pointers here…

When considering vaulted ceiling lighting options you have to think about scale and budget. You need big lights here and if you have a very large room to fill then it will certainly cost a fair bit! But vaulted ceilings are special and need to be lit well in order to create dramatic and beautiful illuminations. There are two main styles of light that can be used in vaulted ceilings. Chandeliers are a very popular choice when considering lighting options for vaulted ceilings. These beautiful, timeless and spectacular light fittings are a match made in heaven for vaulted ceilings and fill the space perfectly. Here at love4lighting we have a stunning collection of chandeliers available in a whole host of styles, finishes and sizes to suit both traditional and modern applications. Our chandeliers have been designed and developed by some of the best brands in the business, such as Franklite, Elstead Lighting and Searchlight and are available at prices to suit all budgets but we do strongly recommend going for the spectacular if you are lucky enough to have a vaulted ceiling!

Chandeliers are popular in mansions and large townhouses but you are more likely to see them in commercial establishments such as hotels, theatres, ballrooms, night clubs and cruise ships. When fitted in such places, a chandelier will bring your vaulted ceiling to life and create a fantastic visual impact for anyone walking into the building.

As an alternative to chandeliers, and if you have a vaulted ceiling in a modern interior, pendant lights work very well. We have a superb range of beautifully crafted and expertly finished pendant lights available at Love4Lighting that look superb hanging from vaulted ceilings. Their minimalist appearance and soft light helps to create a great atmosphere and they look fantastic in entrance foyers, dining rooms and living rooms.

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