Medieval Outdoor Lighting

If you own a traditionally styled property that has a classic or historical design, then medieval outdoor lighting can add a wonderful overall look to the exterior of your property. Now that the summer has gone and the winter is fast drawing in, you can start thinking about how you can make your home or commercial building look great on dark winter’s evenings and add a little character and warmth. The winter is a good time to make changes to your exterior lighting, especially with Christmas on the way – classically styled, Old English exterior light fittings will add a lovely festive touch to your home over the Christmas period!

There are some superb medieval outdoor lighting options to look at here at Love4Lighting. This style of light is prominent and solidly built and works brilliantly with country homes, manor houses, castles, cottages and farmhouses, as well as traditional commercial buildings. When it comes to medieval outdoor lighting, we have two of the very best brands in the business on show here – Searchlight and Elstead Lighting. Their traditional exterior light fittings are based on the timeless designs of medieval times and other such eras and have a fine blend of old and new – the historical appearance couple with modern finishing techniques ensure that these lights not only look great and create fantastic visual effects, they will also last a very long time in all weather conditions.

Lamp posts are great lights to consider when looking at medieval outdoor lighting. They can be used in a number of different ways and are prominent and graceful. If you have a property with a long driveway, then traditionally styled lamp posts look great fitted at intervals along either side. Their visual effects will help to create a spectacular entrance to your property. Lamp posts look great fitted in landscaped gardens and in and around patios or decking areas. They create stunning illuminations along garden pathways too. There is a wide choice of one, two and three light lamp posts here at Love4Lighting and they come in some charming finishes too!

Outdoor lanterns can be fitted in porches or on the walls of your home and outbuildings and these create a soft, ambient visual effect that gives your property a serene appearance. Not only do outdoor wall lanterns have a great visual impact on the exterior of a building, they also double up as security lights too. We feature some beautifully ornate, glass-encased wall lanterns that are essential if you are looking for outdoor medieval lighting.

So there are a few ideas for outdoor medieval lighting. You might also find something to inspire you in our Outdoor Pillar Lights section. And as always, please get in touch if you have any questions about our lighting products!

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