Outdoor Security Lighting Ideas

When it comes to outdoor security lighting for homes and commercial properties there are some great ideas to consider here at Love4Lighting. With our outdoor security lighting ideas you can deter burglars and vandals, as well as add some attractive visuals to your property at the same time. Outdoor security lights don’t have to be boxy and basic – you can actually find some top quality, nicely designed outdoor lights that serve both an aesthetic and practical purpose.

Whether you are looking at outdoor security lighting ideas for domestic or commercial properties, there is plenty of choice here. We have lights for both modern and traditional properties, all available in a wide choice of styles. There is something available for every budget too, so whether you are looking for outdoor security lighting ideas for a large scale commercial project or a little cottage in the countryside, Love4Lighting can cater for your needs.

One of the most popular ways of adding security lighting to the outside of your property is to use flood lights. The reasons are obvious – their beams are expansive so you can light up a large section of your property, they are easy to install and they are very hardwearing in nature. If fitted and directed at entrance points to your property then they act as a great deterrent to burglars and vandals. They work really well in conjunction with CCTV cameras, as they provide bright light over a wide area, making video images clear and concise. Here at Love4Lighting we have some top quality flood lights available from some of the best brands in the industry. At the top end of the scale and ideal for commercial premises, Aurora lead the way with their fine collection of LED flood lights. These robust outdoor light fittings will last a very long time in all weather conditions and they can easily be adjusted to direct the beams wherever required.

At the other end of the scale, Aurora have some quality flood lights for domestic situations that are definitely worth considering for your outdoor security lighting ideas. These lights are currently available for less than £10, so we strongly suggest grabbing a bargain while you can!

Wall lights are worth considering when looking at your outdoor security lighting ideas. We have a number of decorative wall lights with both modern and traditional designs that add security and style to the outside of your home. When illuminated these lights add an attractive visual element to buildings and work as a security light at the same time. We have some superb outdoor security wall lighting ideas at Love4Lighting from renowned brands Searchlight, Elstead and the dynamic brand that is Lutec Lighting.

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