Light Fittings for Barn Conversions

If you have recently renovated a barn in the grounds of your home or you are moving into a barn conversion, you can create a great ambience inside if you get your light fittings for barn conversions spot on. There are many ways to illuminate a barn and we’d like to share some ideas with you here…

The joy of looking for light fittings for barn conversions is the scope you have to get really creative with how you want the lights to work and what visual effects you want to create. The high ceilings and large walls in barns present a fantastic opportunity to turn your barn into a cool, ambient, warm and welcoming place to be. And most barn conversions tend to be open plan and feature mezzanines, so your light fittings for barn conversions will need some thought and planning.

Barn conversions might be modern, traditional or rustic. Whatever the style of your interior, you can find light fittings to suit here at Love4Lighting. So let’s start with those big, high walls! There is a huge choice of traditional and modern wall lights to peruse here. We strongly recommend anything with a rustic style finish, such as antique brass, bronze or black antique. This style of finish will match the wooden beams and other wooden design features you usually find in a barn conversion. If you have a more modern interior, then contemporary up and down wall lights work brilliantly as light fittings for barn conversions. They cast warm, ambient light across wall spaces and create a great atmosphere for relaxing or entertaining.

If you have an open plan barn conversion then rise and fall pendant lights look fantastic over kitchen tables, dining tables and in the ‘social’ areas of your barn. We have some quality rise and fall pendant lights from top lighting producers Searchlight and Elstead Lighting. The beauty of these lights is their flexibility – if you want intimate, direct light during dinner, you can pull the light close to the table. If you want a more expansive beam for general lighting, push the light up. These lights are beautifully designed and finished and look great fitted at intervals across the ceiling of a barn.

Other styles of light you might want to consider for light fittings for barn conversions are floor lamps, table lamps and chandeliers. Floor lamps can be placed in the corner of social areas or foyers or they can be put behind sofas and armchairs to act as reading lights. Table lamps look great on coffee tables, shelving, console tables and dining tables. And finally, if you want to go for the spectacular, modern or traditional chandeliers look fantastic hanging from the centre of high ceilings in the main parts of the barn.

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