Lighting Ideas for Pubs

With autumn now in full swing and winter on the way people are going to be looking forward to evenings out, Christmas parties and gatherings – any excuse to cosy up in a nice warm pub on a cold winter’s evening! If you run a pub then now is a great time to make sure you’ve got the lighting right to represent the atmosphere of your establishment and welcome new and old customers with open arms. So let us share with you some lighting ideas for pubs, because here at Love4lighting you can find all the lights you need, both inside and out.

Whether you run a traditional establishment or a more modern, gastro style pub, you can get some inspiring lighting ideas for pubs here. We have virtually every kind of light fitting available in all kinds of designs and finishes. So let’s start from the outside going in. Outdoor wall lights are a great way to light up the exterior of your pub and draw a potential punter’s eye. When fitted in a line along the wall they create attractive visual effects that suggest a welcoming and warm place to be. You can find wall lights that look great above hanging baskets or can be directed onto your pub signage. These outdoor wall lights are available in both traditional and modern styles and have been designed and produced by some of the very best brands in the business.

Once inside the pub, it is all about the atmosphere. Too dark and people will find the atmosphere cold and unwelcoming. Too bright and there’s no warmth and intimacy. It is important to find a nice balance between wall lights and ceiling lights. Bright ceiling lights look great fitted over the bar area. Here at Love4lighting there is an abundance of choice for ceiling lights. Spotlight are popular for pubs because the beams can be directed onto spirit and wine bottles behind the bar to showcase the drinks you have available. As you move away from the bar, you can install more intimate ceiling lights to create a mellower mood.

Wall lights are great when considering lighting ideas for pubs. They are the perfect light fitting for creating a cool ambience in which your clientele can relax and socialise. Here at Love4Lighting we have modern up and down wall lights which cast fantastic visual effects across walls. There are traditional wall lights with lamp shades that work superbly in older style pubs. If you run a modern gastro pub, then there are some really eye-catching contemporary wall lights that are perfect for trendy pubs.

If you have a large pub with high ceilings then you might also want to look at pendant lights or modern chandeliers when considering lighting ideas for pubs. These lights hang down from the centre of large rooms or open spaces and create a focal point in the room. We have some really stunning ranges available here!

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