Lights for Poker Tables

If you have a poker table at home or you run a casino with a series of poker tables or gambling tables, then you will know that when it comes to lights for poker tables, there is only one real light you can use – the pendant light.

The pendant light is an extremely popular light fitting and has been used as lighting for poker tables for centuries. The reasons that pendant are popular lights for poker tables are obvious – it provides a direct beam of light that angles down onto poker tables, illuminating them perfectly. When you use a pendant light as a light for a poker table you can clearly see the faces of your opponents, keep a close on those poker faces and most importantly, see your own cards and money piles clearly!

Here at Love4Lighting we have over 240 styles of pendant light available – most of which can be used as lights for poker tables. Whatever the style of your interior – rustic, contemporary, modern, traditional, glitzy – you can find a pendant light that will sit beautifully over a poker table and enable your friends or clientele to enjoy a great game of cards…unless they lose of course.

For casinos, we suggest going with something clean and practical. The Searchlight Madison pendant lights are perfect. They have a super stylish design and create great light for poker. They are ideal for bulk purchase if you have lots of poker tables or gambling tables to illuminate – they are affordable, simple to maintain and straightforward to install. Another pendant light that works really well in commercial settings is the Artemide Nur Gloss Pendant Light. Price at the higher end of the scale, this smooth, contemporary pendant light works brilliantly as a light for a poker table and is great match for trendy, glamorous casinos.

For the home, the choice for pendant lights for poker tables is virtually endless. The rise and fall pendant lights are great – they have a classic pendant light design and can be pulled down to create an intimate light and pushed up when the game is over and you are counting your winnings. If you are after something more traditional then we suggest going for a tiffany pendant light. These lights are highly decorative and practical, and if you run out of money you might even be able to bet with it!

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