Lighting Ideas for Walk in Wardrobes

If you are lucky enough to have a walk in closet then you will need bright, white lighting inside to showcase all your clothes and shoes. The lighting needs to be simple, clean and unobtrusive. There are two great options when considering lighting ideas for a walk in wardrobes and these are flush fitting ceiling lights and spotlights.

Walk in wardrobes are usually found in large houses of both traditional and contemporary décor. The design usually consists of an entrance and then three walls of clothes storage at the back and on either side. You might have a dressing table in your walk in wardrobe and some have a central island too. Flush fitting ceiling lights are perhaps the most popular light fitting for walk in wardrobes. Their clean, minimalist appearance means that they don’t take up to much space. If you choose to fit flush fitting ceiling lights in your walk in wardrobes then there is a huge choice available at Love4Lighting. To create an even, balanced light, we suggest fitting the flush ceiling lights in a grid system across the ceiling. When installed this way the light will be bright and clear, enabling you to easily see the contents of your wardrobe and pick out an outfit. Our flush fitting ceiling lights are available in round and square styles and come in a choice of hardwearing, contemporary finishes.

If you want to be a little more creative when considering lighting ideas for walk in wardrobes, then spotlights are a great option to consider. When bought in bulk and fitted at intervals across the ceilings and walls of walk in wardrobes you can create some really interesting lighting effects. Spotlights are versatile – they can easily be directed to target the beam on a specific section of your walk in wardrobe and they also work well fitted above mirrors for when you are trying your outfit on. Here at love4lighting we have a great range of spotlights available that work well in all interior styles. You might want to consider track lighting too, which is a great option for larger walk in wardrobes.

If your walk in wardrobe features a dressing table, then a fantastic light fitting to consider is the Astro Lighting Cabaret Wall Light. This fun light looks great fitted over the mirror on a dressing table and is full of timeless character and charm. It provides bright light for applying make up or styling hair and is definitely worth a look when considering lighting ideas for walk in wardrobes.

There’s one more light fitting to consider if you have shelving in your walk in wardrobe – the Intalite MR11 White Downlight is a cool little light that works brilliantly on the underside of shelving or cabinets to shine down on shoes, jewellery and clothing accessories displayed below. These lights will add a beautiful finishing touch to your lighting ideas for walk in wardrobes!

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