Lighting Ideas for Garden Paths

Don’t let the winter stop you from enjoying your garden! That’s what we say. With our lighting ideas for garden paths, you can still enjoy the great outdoors on a cold winter’s night. Whether you are looking out into your garden from the warmth of your home or you fancy a bit of fresh air on a dark evening, our lighting ideas for garden paths will give you the motivation to wrap up and get out there! Perfect for large, landscaped gardens in both residential and commercial settings, our lights for garden paths will illuminate your winter garden beautifully.

At the end of a long hot summer, most people will strip their garden down for the winter and accept the fact that they won’t get much use out of it again until the spring. Well, here at Love4Lighting, we encourage the opposite! A stroll around your garden, perhaps with a warm snap of brandy in hand, is a great way to keep active on a winter’s evening, allowing you to see how your garden is coping with the cold weather at the same time. So if you have garden paths, little passageways lined with hedges or areas of your garden where you like to sit, take a look at our lighting ideas for garden paths for some inspiration.

At Love4Lighting we like to promote our stunning range of outdoor lights year round as we believe beautiful gardens should be enjoyed year round. With this in mind we have a fine selection of garden lights that we are sure will inspire you to look at lighting ideas for garden paths. There are three ways in which you can use garden lights to illuminate pathways. If your path runs along a wall then you can use outdoor wall lights. Otherwise we suggest going for pillar lights or lamp posts.

The range of outdoor wall lights at Love4Lighting is supplied by some of the very best brands in the industry. We feature stunning light fittings from the likes of Searchlight, Lutec Lighting and Elstead Lighting. Available in a range of contemporary and traditional finishes and styles, there is something available for every budget and each fitting is robust and hardwearing to cope easily with harsh wintery conditions.

Our pillar lights category, which also includes post lights and bollard lights, will provide great inspiration for lighting ideas for garden paths. If you have a traditional home with a mature garden, then the pillar lights from Elstead Lighting will add great character and charm to your garden. When fitted at intervals along pathways, these pillar lights illuminate your garden beautifully and will encourage you to get out for a stroll, especially when you have friends or family staying over during the festive period. The stunning outdoor pillar lights from Lutec are well worth considering if you have a modern style garden with a cleaner, more contemporary design.

Lamp posts are grand option when looking at lighting ideas for garden paths. More suited to very large gardens and public gardens, lamp posts make a real statement and the traditionally styled lamp posts available here at Love4Lighting make you feel like you are strolling through a garden in a different century!

So there are some ideas for lighting for garden paths. We hope we’ve inspired to keep active and get outside in the winter months. Enjoy!

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