Garden Lighting Ideas

The diverse, eclectic mix of light fittings at Love4Lighting is chocked full of fantastic garden lighting ideas. Whatever type of garden you have – large or small, mature or minimalist, traditional or modern, commercial or domestic – there are literally hundreds of lights to choose from here, suitable for a range of applications.

Outdoor lights have evolved tremendously in recent years and now feature advanced technology to ensure that outdoor light fittings will cope easily and last a long time in all weather conditions. The choice of designs, effects and colours enables designers and homeowners to get really creative with garden lighting ideas and create stunning night time visuals in any outdoor space.

There are many styles of outdoor light currently available on the market – wall lights, bollard lights, deck and patio lights, floodlights, spotlights, spike lights – the list goes on! Designed in both classic and modern styles, you can find garden lighting ideas for any kind of property – town houses, country homes, cottages, modern apartments, new homes and all kinds of commercial setting.

If you have a modern garden design with clean lines and contemporary garden features then a mixture of walkover lights, wall lights and brick lights will bring your garden to life. Deck and patio lights look fantastic in modern gardens and create a beautiful atmosphere. Wall lights can be used to provide a wider scope of lighting – to light up a patio or lawn. And brick lights also create very cool light features in a modern garden. If you have an attractive water feature you could showcase it using a flood light or spot light. Another popular garden lighting idea is fairy lights – these create dramatic lighting effects when hung along fences, around trees or over garden features and ornaments.

For the traditional garden, there are some wonderful reproduction pieces of classic designs to choose from. Outdoor lanterns are a great option and come in a range of striking finishes. Pillar lanterns, pedestals and lampposts work beautifully in large domestic and commercial gardens, adding an element of character and charm.

Whatever your requirements, whatever the scale and budget of your project, the range of fittings at Love4Lighting will give you some inspirational garden lighting ideas!

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