Lighting for Kitchen Islands

If you have a large kitchen with an island in the centre then you can create some lovely visual effects using the lights available at Love4Lighting – we have some superb options for lighting for kitchen islands.

Kitchen islands can be found in both traditional and modern kitchens and they are a common design feature in new homes and apartments. Islands are popular because they offer a space for chopping and preparing food, which means your can keep your main kitchen work tops clear for other uses.

Kitchen islands are often square or rectangular in design and there are some lovely lighting options you can use here. You will probably already have downlights or cabinet lights in your kitchen, so you can use lighting for kitchen islands to create the main source of light. Pendant lights work really well over kitchen islands. They cast a direct light over the central point of your kitchen, enabling you to chop and prepare food with ease.

We have some fantastic pendant lights here at Love4Lighting which can be used as lighting for kitchen islands. For an affordable option try the streamlined Franklite Red Glass Single Pendant Light, which looks superb in modern, minimalist kitchens. For a more traditional setting then tiffany pendant lights look fantastic. One of your most popular is the Searchlight Tiffany Amber Raindrop Pendant Light. With its intricate, decorative appearance, it works brilliantly as kitchen island lighting in classic and rustic style interiors.

You might also like to consider rise and fall lights when looking at lighting for kitchen islands. These lights are great because they can be pulled down low when bright light is required as you chop and prepare food and pushed back up when you are looking for a wider, softer light. We have a nice little range of rise and fall pendant lights from top lighting manufacturers, Searchlight and Elstead Lighting.

To finish off your lighting for kitchen islands, we recommend LED strip lights. These lights serve a more decorative purpose and when fitted along the top or bottom of kitchen islands, you can create soft, ambient lighting to give your kitchen a very cool look!

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