Lighting Ideas for Shops

If you manage a shop then you will understand the importance of lighting and how vital it is to illuminate your interior the right way to showcase your products. When considering lighting ideas for shops, you need to think about fittings that will entice customers into your retail outlet and what type of light will create a mood or ambience that reflects your branding. Here at Love4Lighting we feature an exceptional range of light fittings for shops that will give you all the inspiration you need to illuminate your shop beautifully!

When looking at lighting ideas for shops you have many options. Almost any type of light fitting will work but the ones that we’ve found to be the most popular are ceiling spotlights and wall lights. At Love4Lighting we have a wide ranging choice in each of these categories – fittings that are robust and hardwearing enough to cope easily with every day usage. And there is something for all price brackets and size of shop.

Spotlights are brilliant for shops due to their versatility. So when you start planning your lighting ideas for shops, spotlights should be at the top of the list! Spotlights work in shops because they are adaptable – they are easy to rotate and swivel to direct the beams on clothes, products and displays below. They are perfect for window displays and shop floors and when the time comes to change the layout of your store or build a new window display, the spotlights can be swivelled and rotated again to compliment the new look.

One of the best spotlights we have for lighting ideas for shops is the Twister range of lights from top lighting manufacturer, Intalite. These top quality light fittings have a super stylish, ultra functional design that works brilliantly in modern shops. The twister light can be fitted in grid-like systems across ceilings to create balanced light throughout. They can then be rotated to target specific displays or products below. There is also the option of using the two light frame so you can have two twisters next to each other, pointing in different directions. The twister is available in an assortment of stylish, modern finishes and will really bring the atmosphere to life in your shop’s interior.

So onto wall lights – well worth considering when look at lighting ideas for shops. Wall lights can be used to define the mood of a shop and are often fitted more for both decorative and functional purposes. They can be used to create soft mood lighting and cool, ambient visual effects on walls. One fitting that works really well in retail outlets, is the Dio Flex Plug LED, which illuminates products brilliantly and can be twisted and turned into shape.

These are just a few suggestions when it comes to lighting ideas for shops. We have hundreds more products that are perfect for retail outlets, so come to a peek for some quality ideas!

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