Unique Floor Lamps

If you own a contemporary home, apartment or commercial building, then you have a great opportunity to create some stunning visual effects in your home by adding unique floor lamps throughout your interior. Floor lamps are incredibly versatile and give you the opportunity to get creative with your interior lighting. They look great in open plan spaces as well as rooms throughout the home. You can create bright light, ambient light, soft light – the options are wide and varied with floor lamps!

Here at Love4Lighting we have some real treats available when it comes to unique floor lamps. We have some of the very best lighting suppliers in the world on board and they have designed some stunning, unique floor lamps that are both decorative and practical. Many of these unique floor lamps are works of art in their own right – they don’t need to be switched on to be appreciated as their dynamic designs and beautiful finishes stand up like ornaments in your home.

One company that really sets the benchmark when it comes to unique floor lamps is Artemide. They are one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-end light fittings for both domestic and commercial buildings. Their conceptual lighting designs exude all the finesse, style and sophistication you would expect from an Italian based design company. Lets take a look at one or two of their fantastic, unique floor lamps here…

The Artemide Cabildo Terra White Floor Lamp features a clean, minimalist design that blends in seamlessly with trendy, cutting edge homes and commercial buildings. The light features an ‘all-seeing-eye’ at the top – a cool concept that gives the Cabildo a totally individual style. This unique floor lamp looks fantastic in open plan social areas, entrance halls, bedrooms and dining rooms, casting warm, soft light into your interior.

Another Artemide floor lamp that we adore is the Cadmo. This graceful, strong-lined floor lamp is the perfect partner for contemporary, high-end interiors and creates superb visual effects in stylish apartments, conceptual homes and trendy commercial buildings. It is available in red, white and black gloss finishes and can be fitted in rooms and open plan areas throughout the home. As unique floor lamps go, you can’t really beat the style and finesse of this quality Italian light fitting.

These are just a few of the unique floor lamps available at Love4Lighting. There are plenty more, covering all budgets and scales of project, so take a look around the site to see what catches your eye.

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