LED Lights for Museums

There are many ways to light up a museum to showcase paintings, artefacts and other historical treasures but perhaps one of the most efficient ways is to use LED lights. The benefits are obvious – long lasting, energy saving, good for the environment and great value too. So we thought we’d share a few ideas on LED lights for museums with those of you who run or manage a museum. These lights will also work well in art galleries and shops.

Lighting is very important in museums for the very simple reason that people are there to look at things! If your artefacts are not well lit then people will either miss them or they will not get the full effect of the detail and history of them. So lighting plays a vital role in a museum. If you are looking to re-do the lighting in your museum or you are looking to replace old lights with new, Love4Lighting are here to help.

Traditional picture lights are perhaps one of the most popular lights seen in a museum, especially those that are full of paintings, photos and other types of wall art. Their clean, simple design fits in nicely with museums and they encourage visitors to focus on what hangs below. Now available with LED lights, pictures lights have been taken into the modern world – the design hasn’t changed but the longevity, energy saving qualities and light quality has.

One of the best on the market is the Intalite Antique Brass LED Picture Light. It has an angled, streamlined appearance based on the traditional look of a picture light. It is beautifully finished in antique brass – a look that works well in both modern and traditional museums, and it provides 15,000 hours of life! Perfect for the regular usage that it will receive. This light can be wall or ceiling mounted, so provides versatility too – all in all this is one of the top LED lights for museums out there!

Another light fitting that we think works superbly in museums and galleries is the Intalite Stix LED Silver Grey Wall Light. Designed with a more contemporary interior mind, as LED lights for museums go, this is stylish, versatile and adaptable. When fitted on walls, the Stix light can be swivelled and rotated to point the beams wherever desired, enabling you to get really creative with your museum lighting. You can fit it low on walls to shine up on artefacts and paintings. It can be fitted high on walls to act like a spotlight. It looks great over displays and shelving. And it can be fitted to ceilings too to act as a modern picture light. Versatility in abundance – a quality LED light for museums.

These are just a few ideas for LED lights for musuems – there are hundreds of light fittings available at Love4Lighting that will work well in museums. Have a good browse around the site!

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