Gallery Lighting

For showcasing paintings, photos and other works of art, gallery lighting is undoubtedly the best option. These simple light fittings serve a sole purpose of casting light onto works of art to highlight the detail and colours within. Gallery lighting can be used in houses, apartments and all sorts of commercial building and as well as showcasing art work, they also create a warm, ambient mood.

If you are purchasing gallery lighting for your home then there are some fantastic choices available. Whether you have a traditional, modern or rustic interior, there are plenty of options here to suit the style of your home. They look great fitted in places where you want people to see your paintings, pictures and photos – so in living rooms, dining rooms, hallways and entrance halls.

One of the most popular pieces of gallery lighting at Love4Lighting is the Astro Lighting Vermeer LED Picture Light. It has a sleek, contemporary design and extends a long way from walls to light pictures as widely as possible.

Obviously gallery lighting is much more popular in art galleries! Whatever your budget, you can find some quality lighting to fit it here. The Searchlight Modern Chrome Picture Light is ideal for contemporary galleries and is reasonably priced to allow bulk purchasing. It has a clean, simple design and a hardwearing finish that will cope easily with high usage.

If you run a hotel, restaurant, bar or nightclub, gallery lighting might be a great option for the interior of your commercial establishment. A great fitting is the Elstead Lighting Black and Gold Picture Light, which has a beautiful finish suitable for classically styled and contemporary interiors. It oozes charm and style and creates stunning lighting effects in hallways, foyers and large rooms.

So for art lovers, art collectors and gallery owners, there are some superb gallery lighting options to browse through here at Love4Lighting. Each one has a quality design and beautiful finish and will light up your artwork superbly!

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