Ideas for Office Lighting

Following a recent straw poll of an audience of architects, lighting consultants, facilities managers and developers, the view was shared that the lighting in the majority of UK offices is neither innovative or energy efficient. Many feel that this will lead to LED lights being used a lot more in commercial offices to provide a more interesting look and feel inside and to save on energy costs.

A new regulation for commercial premises, BS EN 12464, potentially gives architects, designers and engineers the opportunity to create better quality spaces, that are well lit and save energy at the same time. To create more innovative and interesting lighting in offices, it will be important to stop thinking about the office as one big open space but to start looking at the elements within it.

Here at Love4Lighting we have an extensive collection of wall and ceiling lighting that can be used in modern and traditional offices. There are options for creating intimate lighting in certain parts of an office or to create a bright, balanced light across a particular section. When looking at ideas for office lighting, atmosphere is perhaps one of the main considerations. You need to create a space that is comfortable and vibrant to work in so that office workers are motivated and inspired. Lighting plays a major part in this – too dark or sparse and the atmosphere is uninspiring.

Ceiling lights that work really well in offices are down lights and track lighting rigs. Downlights are ideal for creating a balanced light throughout an office interior and are a very popular option when considering ideas for office lighting. We have an extensive collection of downlights from some of the most innovative and forward thinking lighting manufacturers in the business. These downlights are flush fitted, so create a neat and tidy finish. They can be fitted in lines down hallways or grids across large open plan ceilings.

Track lighting is a great option for creating more direct visual effects. If fitted over desks or work stations, the spotlights fitted to the track can be directed down to these areas to provide a bright and reliable source of light. Intalite are perhaps the most proficient producers of track lighting out of all our suppliers and their varied and versatile light fittings can be used for a range of applications in all kinds of office space.

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