Lighting for a Wine Cellar

If you are a wine connoisseur then you are lucky. If you are a wine connoisseur who has their own wine cellar then you are even luckier! In order to showcase your wine collection it is important to get quality lighting into your wine cellar and there are some fantastic options to look at here at Love4Lighting.

Whether the design of your wine cellar is old or new, commercial or domestic, it needs to be well illuminated. You don’t want to be stumbling down there in near darkness and opening a bottle of £500 Bordeaux when you meant to open a £5 bottle for your spaghetti bolognaise on a Wednesday night! Quality light fittings in a wine cellar help to create order within, enabling you to organise your wine, access it easily and also to create a nice atmosphere in general.

If you have a table or island in the centre of your wine cellar, then a large traditional ceiling light looks fantastic. A grand pendant light or elegant chandelier are the kind of quality fittings you require as they are in keeping with the luxury of a wine cellar. The Franklite Hera Bronze 8 Light Chandelier looks amazing when fitted in the centre of traditionally styled wine cellars. Full of style and elegance, this chandelier has a beautiful bronze finish and timeless design. It features traditional glass sconces, drops and central column and will create dramatic visual effects in wine cellars.

To create an even more traditional feel you could add some of the superb medieval style or lantern style wall lights from the likes of Elstead Lighting and Searchlight. These lights look great on brick or stone walls, adding a real touch of authenticity and timelessness to your wine cellar.

If your cellar has a more modern design then there are plenty of options to look when planning your lighting for a wine cellar. To keep a clean, minimalist appearance, we suggest flush fitting ceiling lights and wall lights. You could try downlights fitted under your shelving to illuminate special bottles below. LED strip lights could be installed along the lines of your wine racks.

If you want to illuminate the different sections of your wine cellar, then spotlights are a great option to consider. Some of the Intalite spotlights are perfect for wine cellars and when fitted in ceilings and walls they can be angled to point at specific areas of your cellar. If you did this throughout your cellar, then you can divide the sections up nicely using light and also create a really cool visual effect in the interior of your wine cellar!

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