Garden Party Lighting Ideas For 2014

1. Rope lights are something you will see plenty more of this Summer and people are going wild for it on Pinterest. Great for lighting over an exterior table or hung across two walls.

2. Low level lighting is becoming a popular choice for both the internal and exterior of a home. They look best beamed across a clean cut lawn or large patio area.

3. Shaped ground lights you might well of seen plotted around high end night club / bar gardens. This Summer they will be coming to the home. They are easy on the eye and can add that perfect ultra modern touch to your home.

4. Fairy lights have been kicking about for years and they are not going anywhere. If you are running on a tight budget when it comes to improving your garden lighting fairy lights are the perfect solution. They look best distributed around trees…who said they could only come out at Christmas!!

5. Candle filled jars like fairy lights can also be a very affordable option, especially if you keep hold of your jam jars throughout the year. Once you have the jar sorted all thats left to complete the job is popping in a budget candle. P.S they look best positioned in batches.

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