Conservatory Lighting

Love4Lighting allows you to make good use of your conservatories in order for you to relax at any time of day, all year round.

So, how do we do this? It’s easy! We use effective lighting strategies.

To help you choose how to light your conservatory, we have collected our favourite ideas to help inspire you to create that perfect ambience…

1. Chandeliers
Although chandeliers are usually stereotyped as being very grand, they are actually a great way to distribute light evenly and effectively around a room. Chandeliers are a truly stunning light fitting and it becomes a central point to a room. If your conservatory aims for a minimal interior design then a chandelier is a great way to spice things up. It has often been said that some chandeliers with droplet crystals are overpowering however, Love4Lighting have such a varied chandelier range that you will be sure to find something to suit your interior.

2. Floor Lamps and Table Lamps

For a decorative and stylish interior, table lamps or overhanging floor lamps  create a unique lighting effect after the sun goes down. Lamps create a low level lighting effect around your seating area, which creates a cosy and calming atmosphere and is perfect if you are reading your favourite book, spending the evening in front of the TV or even stargazing!

3. Spotlights
Love4Lighting have a very diverse range of spotlights as they are a very popular method for illuminating a room. Spotlights have the benefit of being adjustable therefore you can choose where to direct the light in your room. Another benefit of spotlights is that they come in lots of different colours and finishes to suit your individual style. Spotlights are a great way to lighting up your conservatory as they are very modern just like your conservatory and they make for a contemporary effect. Whether you want single spotlights dotted around or you want a spotlight track bar or even want spotlights fitted into the beams of your conservatory, either way you will be sure to find what you like at Love4Lighting!

4. Fairy Lights

If you want a more magical atmosphere, fairy lights and string lights are the perfect lighting choice if you only like a small amount of light. They are a great alternative to spotlights. Conservatories are known for bringing natural light into your home and therefore fairy lights will create just the right amount of light you will need. They look best when hung up on the walls as they not only accentuate other features in the room but they create a playful atmosphere and they add character to your home. Who said fairy lights should only come out at Christmas time?!

5. Downlights
If you are looking for simple but stylish way of lighting your conservatory, downlights are perfect for illuminating doors, chairs, tables, sofas and all your other furniture. Love4Ligthing offer dimmable downlights so you can set your own ambience.

Remember, a conservatory is not just for the summer months, turn it into a social haven and enjoy it all year round. Effective lighting can transform any room so be sure to fill it with fun and creative lighting effects that we have on offer today!

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