Nightclub Lighting Ideas

The mood and ambience in a nightclub plays a large part in its success, which is why unique, stylish and striking light is essential if you intend to make your clientele feel in the party mood! Nightclub lighting should be effective, innovative, create ambience and have a cutting edge design in order to set the scene and make it work for your customers. Remember, nothing too light! Create the mood…

There are many styles of light to consider for Nightclub lighting and a combination of these styles might be what works best. We suggest quality LED ceiling lights, Spotlights, Ambient Lighting, Chandeliers and pendant lighting.

1. Track Lighting: Contemporary ceiling lights offer a stylish ceiling spotlight solution for a nightclub. These easy to install lights are decorative, attractive and effective. They accentuate any room and they can be fitted around your bar or around the dance floor and seating areas. They look stylish, sleek and they are so versatile. Take a look at the Silver Grey Circuit Track Light from Intalite, which has a cutting edge, modern design, ideal for nightclubs.

2. Strip lights: Strip Lights are perfect for nightclubs. They are decorative, and attractive to the eye. They create warm, mellow visual effects and are simple to install on ceilings, walls and floors. Check out the White ceiling, wall & floor decorative light from Intalite.

3. Pendant lights: Pendant Lightings have various uses. If your nightclub has high ceilings then pendant lighting works really well. Pendants look great hanging over a bar and it gives really cool definition and attractive effect. Pendant Lights also can be used as directional points and help your party goers find there way around your club. This type of light is a great lighting source and they are very decorative too. At Love4Lighting we have loads of pendant lights for you to choose from but the Skittle 1 Light White Glass Pendant from Searchlight looks particularly nice hanging over a bar.

4. Spotlights: These create various kinds of dance-floor effects. They are so varied and versatile and they work so well in nightclubs and bars. They can be used to drop beams on individual dancers or they can disappear and return in synchronization with the music, which provides a great atmosphere. Check out the Nordlux Explore 74830003 Black 3-Rail Light. It features three adjustable spotlights that can be moved to direct the beams where desired, enabling you to create some eye catching visual effects

5. LED Ceiling Lights: Much of the lighting on the dance floors come from ceiling lights. Ceiling lights play a vital role in determining your club’s atmosphere and ambiance. The best way to create a cool and effective setting is to combine several different types of ceiling lights. Some of the Astro Lighting White Plaster lights can look really unusual and decorative as you can get creative and paint them any colour that suits. Another effective lighting design for a nightclub is the Intalite 113632 Triton 6 Gimble LED Warm White Downlight. These lights can be tilted for a strong directional light and the features 6 LED lights produce attractive visual effects. LED Beam lights create an effective amount of light onto large dance floors by dropping shafts of light over the dancers! These lights combine a prominent glow.

6. Ambient lighting: Nightclub photography is becoming increasingly popular. Unique lighting creates an ambient setting and sets the mood and this is really important when it comes to nightclub photography. You want the right light so your customers can take a good photo. LED ambient lighting needs to work together and the colours need to reflect the type of mood your nightclub is looking for. Ambient lighting is makes your customers happier as no one likes partying in a room, which is too light.

7. Chandeliers: This type of lighting can really add some class to your establishment. Whether you go for a crystal chandelier or an LED chandelier, they’re elegance brings sophistication to the room. Chandeliers looks great hanging over banister stairways, hung up in the center of the dance floor or hanging over a luxurious seating area. Take a look at the Franklite FL2020/7 Constellation Crystal Chandelier. This will become the focal point at either the entrance of your nightclub or it would look stunning hanging above the stairs.

Finally you will certainly have to think about the bathroom when planning your Nightclub lighting. There are some superb bathroom wall lights, bathroom ceiling lights and mirror lights available at Love4Lighting that will complete your Nightclub lighting with aplomb! Check out our Bathroom lighting blog!

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