Spa Lighting Ideas

Dimmer Switches

An important feature to a spa room is to have the option and the ability to lower the lights in order to create a calming atmosphere to relax in. Dimmer switches allow you to adjust the lighting whenever you like and you can do this without investing huge amounts of money. At Love4Lighting we have a huge range of different types of dimmer switches for you to choose from. The Astro Aprilia Round Downlight looks simple but stunning when fitted to ceilings, as well as the Astro Aprilia Square Downlight.


These can make any interior look and feel grand. Love4lighting have some beautifully ornate chandeliers and when fitted they become the focal point. In a spa, chandeliers would be ideal in a reception room as they create a warm light which is distributed across the entire room, without being overpowering. Not only is this a functional fixture but it is also makes a very decorative addition to a room and they are an increasingly popular lighting choice for spa’s. Love4Lighting have a wide range of chandeliers. The Brocade Crystal Chandelier from Franklite is so glamourous and looks stunning when fitted to a ceiling, as does the Taffeta Crystal Chandelier also from Franklite.

Downlights & Spotlights

For a classic spa look, recessed downlights and spotlights. Love4Lighting have a massive range of these types of lights because they are the most popular way of illuminating a room. These lights are fitted into ceilings and they softly brighten up even the darkest corners. They can be strategically placed around bathrooms and sinks to give a more modern look and they add a warm glow. Low-wattage lights such as LEDs or frosted cover lights create a soft, diffuse look. Check out the Searchlight Bathroom Wall or Ceiling Light. This has a cool, modern design and creates eye-catching lighting effects. The Searchlight Blocs Chrome Spotlight is a classic spotlight design with a dynamic edge and looks stunning when fitted to walls in a spa.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights have become an extremely popular lighting fixture as they are so versatile. They are modern and very stylish and are perfect for spas. The eye-catching and unique and would look superb hanging over a spa reception area, a relaxation room, bathrooms, pool area and hanging inside a gym. Love4Lighting have a huge amount of styles. Personally we think the Astro Lighting Joel Pendant 7193 Cream Finish Ceiling Light would look great in a spa. The cream finish also means it would suit any interior. The Franklite Translucent Silvered Glass Single Pendant also looks stunning and would be a great addition to your spa.

Wall lights & Ground Lights

For another classic spa look, wall lights and ground lights look contemporary and stylish especially when they are fitted on stairs and around a pool in a spa. They look stunning as they create a nice ambiance and they are eye-catching as well as effective. Although they are very simple, they can make a room look really glamorous. The Intalite Stainless Steel Trail-Light LED Wall & Ground Light has a neat and compact design that is perfectly suited for spas to illuminate a particular walkway. The Intalite Up-Down LED  Wall Light has a super-sleek contemporary appearance that stands out beautifully on walls in a spa. The Intalite Flat Frame Basic Wall Light is another popular light for spas because they add style to any interior .

Remember to always think about clean lines. When I say clean lines I mean think about the types of fixtures you are using and making sure they blend into the rest of your space. The peacefulness of a spa is prominently created by its simplicity. If your spa has a neutral theme and is all white, you could possibly go for lamps which have a pale silver frame. Always think about colours which complement each other! Now what are you waiting for? Get designing so you can get relaxing!

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