Gym Lighting ideas

The New Year is creeping up on us very quickly and many of us have decided to increase our fitness abilities by installing home gyms!

Other than the gym equipment, the most important thing about a gymnasium is the lighting. If you have dingy lighting then it makes it harder to work out. You need to be able to see those muscles pumping in the mirror, so you need a room full of bright lights. Good lighting will help motivate you to spend longer in the gym therefore you get more quality time exercising. Studies have shown that cool, bright lighting naturally increases your energy levels! So, we have made it easier for you and put together some lighting fixtures to consider…

1. LED Downlights:

At Love4Lighting we have a vast range of LED Downlights for you to choose from. This type of light provides that cool, white light you need to wake yourself up in the mornings or to brighten up your gym when those dark nights draw in. For even illumination try the Intalite Pika White Fixed Downlight as they will brighten up your gym and they look stunning when fitted in grids and lines along ceilings. What is great about downlights too is most of them can be dimmed, so for your late night yoga sessions you might want something more tranquil and turn the dimmer down.

2. Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are becoming a more and more popular way of lighting up a home. Here at Love4Lighting we have modern, chic and very stylish pendant lights to make your home gym come alive. Not only are pendant lights practical but they look super cool and sleek. It is best to use ceiling lights rather than lamps and floor lamps as you want to try and optimize your floor space for workout machines and fitness activities. Our Nordlux range has some decorative and unique pendant lights, which would be ideal for a home gym. If you want a more quirky type of décor, check out our Culinary Concept range.

3. Strip Lights

Strip Lights are a perfect environment for any workout, especially spinning and floor workouts! Strip lights can also work on a dimmer so you can always control the lighting levels. If it is a disco effect you want or a tranquil atmosphere, an LED track light is also sure to suit your mood and keep you motivated.

So you gym goers can focus on your fitness in a brighter and more attractive surrounding!

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