Spring 2015: Pastel colour schemes

It’s that time of year again when spring is here, so what better time to embrace some of the stylish new lighting trends that are around?

So what is hot right now?

Pastel colours!

They are great for making your home feel light and airy around springtime or all year round. You may think that that you have to restrict the pastel coloured light fittings to a girls bedroom but you can take it into the kitchen, living area, dining room and even the hallway.

(From left to right:Nordlux Anniversary Blue Pendant Light, Nordlux Explore 74811023 Green Single flex Light, Nordlux Anniversary 76633002 Pink Pendant Light and the Nordlux Mento 75525023 Green Table Light)

Dusty pinks, sky blues, muted tones of mint green can make just as much of a statement as vibrant colours. A pastel colour scheme can range from elegant and sophisticated or unique and quirky, it’s your choice.

Even if you don’t have an interior pastel coloured scheme, you could add a pop of colour to a neutral décor. If you were interested in this idea, a table lamp is great for adding subtle pastel accents. Choose a white backdrop to ease yourself into and build on when adding touches of soft pinks or blues.

Don’t be afraid to mix up pastel hues either. Be creative.

If are some more examples of what we have…

1. Searchlight 1420PI Stepped Pink Ceramic Table Lamp with Shade
The Searchlight 1420PI Stepped Pink Ceramic Table Lamp with Shade has a cool aztec-style design that looks great in modern homes and apartments. It can be used on bedside tables, coffee tables and desks and its decorative qualities make it a piece of art in its own right.

2. Dar BLY0743 Blyton 1 Light Wall Bracket complete with Painted Shade
The Dar BLY0743 Blyton Wall Bracket features a single metal shade with a Cream finish hanging from a matching hook. This fitting’s stripped-down simplicity gives it a hip feel, which complements homes, cafés, shops, and more. If you like the look of this fitting, check out the matching Spiral Pendant (BLY0343).

3. Dar OSA4103 Osaka 1 Light Clip On Spot Pink
The fresh, funky design of the Dar OSA4103 Osaka Pink 1 Light Clip On Spotlight can be used for a range of applications in both domestic and commercial situations. It looks great in kids bedrooms, where it can be clipped onto shelves and desks. It is also a practical light for exhibitions and displays due to ease of installation and the option to adjust the direction of the beam.

4. David Hunt EUS0127 Euston 1 Light Gloss White Pendant Aqua Inner
The David Hunt EUS0127 Euston 1 Light Pendant is an incredibly versatile fitting. Though the exterior of its shade is Gloss White, it features an Aqua interior – ideal for livening up a variety of different settings. The Euston’s height is adjustable, ensuring a perfect fit for your home or business. This pendant is also available with a Lime Green (EUS0124) or Hot Pink (EUS0103) interior.

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