Driveway Lighting Ideas

If you have a long driveway and would like it well lit, then read on for some driveway lighting ideas from Love4Lighting. Driveway lighting will add an attractive visual element to the overall appearance of your home. They also provide a guiding light for drivers and add a layer of security to your home to deter burglars. So, as you can see, driveway lighting serves a number of practical and decorative purposes!

There are a number of light fittings to look at when considering ideas for driveway lighting. Pillar lights are ideal for the driveway and can be positioned at intervals along a driveway’s border. There are some superb pillar lights available at Love4Lighting, designed and developed by some of the best manufacturers in the business, Lutec Lighting, Elstead Lighting and Searchlight. If you have a modern home, then take a look at the offerings from Lutec and Searchlight. They feature some fabulous pillar lights with super-stylish, contemporary designs. The Searchlight LED Outdoor Satin Silver Square Post Light is a popular light for driveways and represents great value for money.

For a more traditional setting, such as country pads, manor houses and stately homes the Elstead Lighting Chapel Black Pillar Lantern is full of character and charm. It’s design is based on classic English light fittings of centuries past and it has a very sturdy look and hardwearing finish.

For commercial settings, there are some cracking driveway lighting ideas to peruse here. The super-slick Lutec Lighting Tiltable Mini Spotlight Pillar is full of modern styling with a futuristic appearance and clean, angled lines. It works beautifully outside office blocks, modern hotels, contemporary museums and more.

Other styles of light that might give you some inspiration for driveway lighting ideas are walkover lights. These are commonly fitted in decking areas or patios but can also be used along the borders of driveways to provide discreet driveway lighting. One of the best options for driveways is the Searchlight LED White Recessed Walkover Light – a robust, long-lasting light that can be used for any style of home.

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