Inspo Week – Bathroom lighting

It’s inspo week!

Last week we have had the amazing opportunity to visit our suppliers and their factories of where they make their unique products and we have been exposed to some stylish interior displays, gorgeous lighting, as well as some yummy canapés!  From quirky kitchens and luxury living rooms to bright and bold bedrooms we have seen it all.  This has given us the idea to create a rolling post titled Inspo week, in which we will display for you some of our utmost favourite home décor and lighting images found online and posted here for you to enjoy too.

These inspo page updates will be posted with images that we have been loving over the last few weeks, inspiring us and hopefully you also as the seasons and trends come and go.  For this week we have decided to explore bathrooms, more specifically industrial and minimalistic bathrooms with a strong material theme running throughout, concrete!

We  love this urban styled interior choice at the moment, fitting both modern and Victorian styled architecture enabling it to suit most home decors.  The exposed pipes are definitely something that we have been enjoying recently, complementing the style to help build an industrial tone to your home whilst adding to the minimalistic trend, combining tiles and concrete walls.

In terms of lighting we believe that most lights would work well with this unique look, in particular a bold black light with a long black cord, a statement pendent or a colourful shade.  Even a vintage bulb or wall light would complement this quirky style.

Below we have included some links to a small selection of our lights, ones that we believe will work well with this interior style.

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