Unusual Lamps

If you are after some unusual lamps – unique and eye-catching lights that are highly decorative and create wonderful lighting effects – you can find some stunning options here at Love4Lighting. Lamps with creative, contemporary designs make great decorative features in modern homes, apartments and commercial spaces and can add a great finishing touch to the overall appearance of your interior.

Interesting and unusual lamps will grab the attention of anyone who visits your home or commercial property. And the beauty of them is that they can be enjoyed constantly – during the day they serve a decorative purpose, adding a lovely design feature to your interior and at night their illuminations create cool, ambient mood lighting in which you can relax, entertain friends or throw parties.

The superb collection of unusual lamps at Love4Lighting come from quality brands such as Searchlight, Artemide, Elstead Lighting and Astro Lighting. They consists of tables lamps, reading lamps, tiffany lamps, floor lamps and touch lamps. The great thing about lamps is their versatility – they can be used as reading lamps, they can add a decorative feature to a home and they can be used for mood lighting in the evening. They are also highly portable – with no fittings required, they can easily be moved from room to room.

A fine example of an unusual lamp with a unique design is the Searchlight Atom 6 Light Chrome Table Lamp. This beautifully crafted table lamp features a series of chrome balls that create stunning visual effects when lit up. The light is ideal in any contemporary setting and is also a popular light for trendy bars, restaurants and hotels.

Another lamp that works well in contemporary settings is the Searchlight Stepper Pink Ceramic Table Lamp, a colourful, retro-style lamp that will bring any room to life. This lamp looks great on coffee tables, shelves, mantle pieces, bedside tables, consoles and dining tables. There are also brown and blue options available and this lovely lamp is sold in pairs.

These a just a few of the unusual lamps available at Love4Lighting. Browse our entire collection of lamps for some other great ideas for both traditional and contemporary settings.

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