Trend: Glass Lighting

Timeless, elegant, versatile and quirky are just some of the many words that can be used to describe this lighting choice.  Working marvellously in all rooms of the house, as wall lights or bedside lamps- used to enhance a comforting glow in the bedroom, to large pendants hanging over kitchen island and tables- working as a statement piece. Glass lights are also a popular choice in other domains such as that of cafes, offices and shops, as this is such a timeless trend.

When it comes to lighting it’s important to choose something that both encompasses your interior style, working to highlight your interior choices but also something that will stand out throughout the years and seasons.

We think that glass lights are the perfect way to achieve this and we have got your back!  Below we have gathered a selection of some of our favourite glass lights that we think you will enjoy, making sure to include an array of styles, colours and shapes to ensure there is something for everyone.

Green – collage

Coming in an abundance of shapes, styles, colours, and so forth, glass pendants can bring a uniqueness to any room, with many of these light working beautifully on their own as a stand-alone statement piece (19).  Especially when paired with a long cable, however, would also look outstanding as a pair or three over a kitchen counter or bar top (14).

We personally love the ambers and smoked glass tones as they are eye-catching and unique.  Working with both contemporary and classic interiors, these colours bring about a warmth and are also fitting with the season and current interior trends.

In terms of shape we love the quirky, more pyramid shaped lights as they stand out, giving an urban but also minimalistic tone (17).  These lights would work perfectly on a long cable over a bedside table or in restaurants and cafes.  (11).

Lastly, filament bulbs are the perfect way to incorporate this glass lighting trend into your home, adding a vintage tone to the room and giving a sense of elegance to the interior, working in a variety of different domains.  (6) (22).

We hope that this post has given you some inspiration on how to incorporate glass lights and pendants into your homes, businesses and so on.  Don’t forget to come visit us in our shop for more amazing lights and home furnishings.

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