Inspo week 2: Autumnal trends

Pumpkin spice and all things nice… The warm jumpers and cosy cardigans are creeping back into the wardrobe and the marshmallow fireside candles are being burnt in abundance as we get ready for one of our favourite seasons… Autumn.

Although it’s getting darker earlier and a lot colder, autumn is a great time of year to start a fresh and upgrade your lighting.  With the transition from summer to winter being one filled with crimson colours of deep reds, yellows, greens and oranges we thought it only fitting to dedicated an inspo week post to these beautiful colours and autumnal trends.

We have chosen, for you, two of our favourite colour trends for this time of year that we believe you will enjoy just as much we have been.

Deep pinks/ Terracotta reds

 These deep pinks, and terracotta tones give hint to the seasons colours that are to come, those of chestnut browns and oranges work perfectly when brought inside, giving a cosy tone to living rooms, bedrooms and so forth. There is something very comforting about these deep and rich colours, hinting at a 70’s inspired style which we absolutely love, a trend that is very much in style at the moment.

In regards to lighting, we think that glass pendants both clear and clouded would work amazingly with these burnt colours.  Even blacks, oranges or pink coloured lights would really make these interior choices stand out.  To see the lights that we think would work perfectly with this interior trend see the links at the bottom of the page.

Forest greens/ Sage

Reminiscent of the crisp air and early morning walks in the fog, fresh greens and sages are the perfect interior trend to bring a revitalizing tone to any home. This colour pallet works beautifully all year round and there is something so refreshing and unique about these colours, especially when incorporated into kitchens.  That’s not to say that these earthy tones wouldn’t bring a bohemian or uplifting mood into any other room.

In regards to lighting and what would work well with this interior we believe that this trend offers you to be creative, experimenting with oversized shades, hanging chords wrapped around beams or elegant pendants of black, gold or white.  There really are endless possibilities when it comes to experimenting with these lights. To help you get creative we have created a small selection of lights that we believe would work perfectly when incorporated with this colour trend (see links below).

Have a lovely week, stay warm, and don’t forget to come visit us in store for some more amazing lights and home furnishings.

Liv x

Links: Deep pinks

Links: Sage


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