Desktop Lamps

We now have an extensive collection of desktop lamps at Love4Lighting that provide quality lighting for all kinds of situation. Whether you have a modern or contemporary setting, you can find something that will blend in with your interior here. Ideal for home offices, studios and modern office blocks, our desktop lamps are beautifully crafted and feature some highly creative and elegant designs.

For the home office, desktop lamps are perfect for providing that extra bit of light during the day and for being the main source of light at night. For hobbyists who who require bright light to perform detailed, intricate tasks, there are some fabulous options here. And if you work in a studio as an architect, artist or craftsperson, a high quality, vibrant light source is essential.

We have some of the best desktop lamp suppliers in the industry here – Searchlight, Astro Lighting and the highly contemporary range from Artemide Lighting. There are prices to suit all budgets and many of these desktop lamps can also be used as decorative lamps and coffee table lamps, especially the offerings from Astro Lighting.

For modern interiors, both commercial and domestic, the Artemide Tolomeo Micro Tavolo Halogen Anodised Aluminium Table Lamp, has a stylish, cutting edge design, as well as a very long name! This desktop lamp is ideal for studios and home offices due to its versatility – it is extremely manoeuvrable and is easy to bend in to position to cast light wherever it is required. It is available in a whole host of vibrant colours too.

For a more classically styled desktop lamp, the Searchlight Antique Brass Banker’s Lamp is beautiful. It has a timeless design that oozes style and class. It looks fantastic on older style desks and is ideal for writers, bankers, accountants and any other job that requires even, balanced lighting.

So, there you have some great ideas for desktop lighting. We have only showcased a few here. The full range is varied and interesting, featuring an eclectic mix of styles and finishes.

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